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Trademark Usage Policy

This Trademark Usage Policy applies to the use of Flight Options’ trademarks by its employees, agents, and independent contractors as well as any third party making reference to Flight Options or any of its products/services. The guidelines set forth in this Trademark Usage Policy must be followed in order to properly identify Flight Options’ brand names for certain of its services, and to protect and enhance the value and strength of those brand names. Failure to comply with the guidelines of this Trademark Usage Policy may result in the loss by Flight Options of its proprietary rights to use and protect its trademarks and to effectively market and sell its products/services.

A trademark, as described in this Trademark Usage Policy, is any name, logo, design, nickname, acronym, or other designation of Flight Options or its products/services which is used in any promotional materials, informational releases, or other communications with any third parties. Trademarks may be registered or unregistered, and become Flight Options' proprietary property upon their use in any commercial or public material or communication. If you have any questions or confusion whatsoever regarding whether or not any item is a trademark of Flight Options, please contact the Marketing Department or the General Counsel.

Marked items for Flight Options are as follows:

  • Flight Options®
  • JetPASS®
  • Flight Options logo

Use of the Trademark Symbols

To avoid dilution or restriction of Flight Options' trademark protection, when referencing any registered and unregistered trademarks, always include the proper notation after the brand name or logo. "®" should and may only be used for registered trademarks and "™" should be appended to any unregistered trademarks.

In text, it is only necessary to annotate the first instance of the trademark. A paragraph heading is considered part of the body of any text. In addition, the body of text can be a paragraph, a chapter in a book, an entire book, a data sheet or other collateral material. After the first instance, you may drop the "®" or "™" after the mark, or you may use the trademark symbol more frequently, if desired and where appropriate.

Footnotes and Attributions

All Flight Options trademarks, including the Flight Options logo, should be attributed with the proper trademark symbol and footnoted on all presentations that are displayed to the public, whether in hard copy (such as brochures, promotional displays, and other written materials) or electronically (such as a PowerPoint presentation). If a presentation is for internal use only, then the trademarks should be attributed with the proper symbol but need not be footnoted. An example of the footnote for a registered trademark is:

"JetPASS® is a registered trademark of Flight Options, LLC."

For unregistered trademarks, an example of the footnote is:

"The Flight Options logo is a trademark of Flight Options, LLC."

If more than one of our trademarks and/or logo are used in a particular piece, then all trademarks should be included in the footnote.  For example:

"Flight Options®, JetPASS® and the Flight Options logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Flight Options, LLC."

Footnotes should always be complete sentences and ordinarily appear on the same page with any copyright notices, on the last page of any written materials, or on the final slide of any PowerPoint presentation (make sure that you always display this final slide prominently during any presentation).

Proper Use of the Trademark

Always use a trademark as an adjective followed by a generic noun. Do not use the trademark alone as a noun, pluralize the trademark or make it possessive. Use the exact form of the trademark. Do not change the form of the trademark or abbreviate it. For example:

Correct Usage

Incorrect Usage

Use as an adjective

Not as a noun

Flight Options® Program

A program through Flight Options®

Use in the singular

Not in plural form

JetPASS® cards


Use in singular, as an adjective

Not in possessive form

The Flight Options® fractional ownership program

Flight Options®’s fractional ownership program

Use in its exact form

Do not alter or abbreviate the mark

JetPASS® card
Flight Options® fractional program

Jetpass® card
FlightOps or FO

Failure to properly use a trademark may result in the trademark being deemed "generic", which may result in Flight Options losing certain rights to the trademark.

Right of Third Parties to Use Trademarks

Flight Options, LLC is the owner of all right, title, and interest in the Flight Options brand, its other trademarked brands and its logos. No person or entity may reproduce or use the Flight Options brands, trademarks or logos in any manner other than expressly authorized by Flight Options, LLC. Unauthorized use of Flight Options’ brands, trademarks and logos is strictly prohibited. If you see any potentially unauthorized use of any Flight Options trademarks by any third party or see any name, logo, design, or appellation for any product/service of a third party which may be confusingly similar to any trademark of Flight Options, please report the unauthorized use/confusing marks to the General Counsel of Flight Options.

Flight Options Press Kit

Current Flight Options®corporate information, history and bios is available in the Flight Options Press Kit
Flight Options Press Kit

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