Flight Options Scheduling and Dispatch

Scheduling & Dispatch

Strategic Solutions. Ensuring Efficiency.

Unlike other fractional jet providers, every Dispatcher at Flight Options is certified. Our Dispatchers work closely with Scheduling and Owner Services, to facilitate seamless planning and coordination for flights. It is necessary for our Dispatchers to provide clear and concise information to relay to our Schedulers and Owners.

They’re responsible for filing flight plans with the crew members and for handling all the international paperwork associated with flying outside the United States, from flight plans to customs. Also, Dispatch monitors weather patterns and airport closures and updates for a proactive approach to achieving operational efficiency. Our Pilots look to Dispatch for current, real-time information regarding their flight plans. With so many different elements to track, our Dispatchers are quick-thinking and creative in finding the perfect solution to keep our operation running as efficiently as possible.

Creating Solutions for Operational Success

Our Schedulers are responsible for the overall efficiency and utilization of our crew members and aircraft. With roughly 100 aircraft, various fleet types and about 350 crew members, Scheduling is responsible for tracking the location of our positioned aircraft, where trips are scheduled to go, and then match the crew accordingly.

Constantly reviewing trips and coordinating with flight crews to ensure continuous operational safety and success, our Schedulers find solutions that work around weather delays, aircraft maintenance and short notice travel requests from Owners. Schedulers assign crew to aircraft to maximize trip coverage, monitor duty times for pilots, assign all the trips to tail numbers and assess demand for the days ahead. Our Schedulers are truly professional problem solvers, finding the perfect fit for each moving piece of the puzzle.

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