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Personalized Private Aviation Programs Fit to Your Needs.

Everyone’s travel requirements vary, which is why we do more than match the best private jet to your mission—we match an ownership program to your flying frequency and desired commitment level. Flight Options offers the industry’s most refined mix of private jet aircraft types and programs to perfectly align with your travel requirements.

Our sales professionals develop a profile based on a thorough review of your travel needs and then create sensible options designed to bring you the highest possible value. If your needs change over time, we adjust along with you by offering solutions to move you to a different private jet program or aircraft. In fact, we often notice your travel patterns changing before you do and proactively come up with creative solutions. Which program is right for you?

Review our recommendations below, then contact us or speak to one of our knowledgeable sales representatives at 877.703.2348.

3 Ways to Board. The Choice is Yours.


  • Flies 50 to 800 hours per year
  • Looking for the lowest cost per hour
  • Seeking a longer term commitment, locking in occupied hourly rates for 5 years
  • Wants to own a share of an aircraft with tax benefits


  • Flies 50+ hours per year
  • Wants a predictable cost for a 5-year lease term
  • Looking to access new, innovative aircraft without the asset risk
  • Prefers a financing alternative to owning a share


  • Flies 25+ hours per year
  • Looking for a short term commitment without the residual value risk
  • Prefers a simple rate structure in which all costs are bundled into an hourly rate
  • Wants guaranteed access for 24 months
Nextant 400XT Citation X Legacy 600