Flight Options iPhone Application Support

FAQ's, Contact Information and Support for the Flight Options iPhone Application

How can I download the Flight Options iPhone Application?

- You can download the Flight Options iPhone app by using the following link. FlightOptions - Flight Options

What is the current version number for the Flight Options iPhone Application?

- The current version number is 2.1.4

I'm a Flight Options Owner, how can I access my account information?

- Owners can access their account information by using their Owners Web Site username and password.  If you do not already have access or need your account information, please contact your owner services representative to setup access for your account.

How accurate is the Trip Quote function of the Flight Options iPhone Application?

- The Flight Options iPhone application uses live data from the Flight Options Operations Control Center to quote your requested trip.  The information used is the same information that is used when we schedule your flight.  This provides you with the same information as the personnel in our Operations Control Center.  This data may not match industry information available from other sources as this data is based on our operational requirements and may include weather, time-of-day, and special flight restrictions and requirements.  All trips should be verified through your Owner Services Representative as some may require a fuel stop.

Who can I contact if I have a feature request or have a problem with the Flight Options iPhone Application?

- Please use the form below to contact us regarding any issues or suggestions.  While your phone number is not required we will contact you directly if you choose to enter your phone number.

iPhone App Support Form

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