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How Lease Works

To access the Lease program, simply pay a refundable upfront security deposit. Your lease deposit entitles you to begin accessing the Nextant 400XT, Citation X or Legacy 600 for a 5-year term. This program provides you with the benefits of fractional ownership without the upfront capital cost.

With a reduced upfront fee, you will pay a monthly lease payment that is spread over your 5-year term. This program provides you an alternative to fractional ownership, without the financial outlay. In addition to a monthly lease payment, this program also requires a monthly management fee and low occupied hourly rate to cover direct costs of operating the aircraft as well as components like maintenance and crewing.

Traditionally, to access this innovative fleet of jets, you would be required to purchase a percentage share of the aircraft. The Lease program provides the advantages of fractional ownership with a reduced barrier to entry by eliminating the acquisition cost of the aircraft. With Leasing, you will benefit from consistently lower rates and a reduced financial outlay for the industry’s most efficient and innovative aircraft.

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Unsure If Lease Is Right For You?

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